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Back to the Moon (2019)

1h42   |   Français   | Allumage / Grand Angle / Salamandre | Directed byr: Charles-Antoine de Rouvre

July 16th, 1969. The rocket Saturn V sits on the launchpad, towering above Cape Canaveral. On board, three men - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins - are about to embark on a mission which will change the course of humanity forever. Inside the ORTF in Paris tensions are also flying high, as French radio and television presenters are getting ready to broadcast this extraordinary mission live to the world.
600 million viewers watched on as Man took his “one small step”, sharing an incredible, emotional experience that has rooted itself in our collective memory as a monument to human endeavour. Frustrating, however, for those alive today who were not able to share in this moment. Until now…
Fifty years later, it is finally time to relive this epic adventure. Back to the Moon welcomes you aboard the Apollo XI mission as we blast off back to the year 1969, where it all began... 

Back to the Moon Trailer
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