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The Last Battle  (work in progress)

Documentary 55min |  Français | Allumage  |

Réalisé par Valentine Varela.


It’s September: the start of the new school year. Christine looks forward to this new beginning with a mixture of excitement and worry, but also nostalgia. This year everything she does will be for the last time, before she retires the following summer.

Christine teaches Earth and Life Sciences at an underachieving high school in Paris, which accepts students who have been kicked out of other schools and have no place else to go. Here, the “unwanted” are given a second chance.

A group of teachers forms a small, solid core, with Christine at the centre. In this marginalised corner of society, far away from exam success statistics, passing just one small slither of knowledge on to the students is a battle.
Silently and alone, with neither resources nor general interest in their cause, these teachers carry out a crucial job. Exhausted, they lead a daily fight - often in vain - to drag these kids out of social determinism and create a future for them.

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