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51 min   |   France  | 2015

Allumage and Maha Productions | Directed by Maya Lussier-Seguin & Pierre-Olivier François

Their names are Jean, Yvette, Gabriel and Christiane. De Gaulle famously said: “Old age is a shipwreck”. Although they may be his contemporaries, this statement does not quite apply to those four swimmers. At 78, 88 or even 101 years old, they’re still determined to break new records in competitive swimming. In their film, Maya Lussier-Seguin and Pierre-Olivier François have portrayed these four champions of the Masters category across today’s France during the 2014/2015 sporting season. They share a passion for swimming. And that’s how they rise above their old age and the difficulties that a youth-fuelled society would rather forget all about.  Swim for Life is a documentary about seniors both extraordinary and ordinary, bearing the weight of a long history and staunchly looking towards the future. Unassuming swimmers in their lane, until, to everyone’s surprise, they climb once again on the podium and break a new record for France, Europe or the World. And that’s where we rediscover their incredible “joie de vivre”.

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